LG launches worlds first wireless OLED TV

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LG introduced the world’s first completely wireless OLED television, they also unveiled the world’s first triple up-firing channel soundbar.

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Wireless charges, modems and soundbars. Well you can add a LG television to that mix because who likes tangled wires in the living room right?

Well LG has solved that problem with the new 77 inch LG M3 wireless OLED evo TV and all it takes is a big wall and wads of cash, lots of it.

In a bold move, LG raised the bar by introducing the world’s first completely wireless OLED television. But it will cost you a whopping R130 000.

LG also unveiled the world’s first triple up-firing channel soundbar.

One wire

While the LG M3 OLED evo has been billed as “the world’s first completely wireless OLED television,” that not entirely true, because you still need to power it up using an electrical socket.

The LG 77 M3 OLED has a Zero Connect Box which eliminates cluttery wires by wirelessly transmitting content to and from the screen. While some television could do this already, the LG TV set transmits the audio and video signal between the two wirelessly without losing any quality.

Lance Berger, Head of Sales in Home Entertainment at LG Electronics South Africa said this approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the TV but also streamlines the installation process. 

If you are worried about gaming consoles and steaming devices being unsightly when plugging into the TV, the Zero Connect Box eliminates this  with three available HDMI 2.1 ports, so no visible wires.

Line of sight

While Zero Connect Box can be placed anywhere and performs well within line of sight distances because of its flexible antennae, connectivity may be compromised if there is no line of site. With some users having a small cabinet below the TV, the box can be stored in there without any interference to connectivity.

Other features include great picture quality, colour accuracy and a boost in brightness thanks to LG’s Multi Lens Array (MLA) technology powered by the Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor. 

The M3 is also available globally in 83 inch and 97 inch sizes but they’ll obviously cost much more than the R130k for the 77 inch. 

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