Huawei Launches P50 Pocket Premium, P50 Pro & Nova 9 SE in SA

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Huawei has launched its first foldable smartphone and its new flagship smartphone in South Africa, the P50 Pocket Premium Edition and P50 Pro. 

The Huawei P50 Pocket Premium Edition 

Huawei said the P50 Pocket Premium Edition breaks the mould in terms of traditional smartphone design in that it enables seamless folding. 

“It’s Huawei’s very first the first horizontally folding smartphone and boasts an all-new multi-dimensional hinge that enables the P50 Pocket Premium Edition to fold seamlessly in half, while still being ultra-slim and lightweight.” 

The P50 Pocket Premium Edition boatsa 40MP True-Chroma camera, a 13MP ultra-wide angle camera, a 32MP ultra-spectrum camera, a 10-channel multi-spectrum sensor and an ultra-spectrum illuminator. 

It also features the True-Chroma Image Engine and Huawei XD Optics. The rear camera portrait selfie algorithms boost low-light performance and preserve details and skin textures. 

When unfolded, the P50 Pocket Premium Edition features a 6.9-inch fully flat screen that has a high refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 300Hz. 

The P50 Pocket Premium Edition smart cover screen displays notifications, schedule, calendar, music, weather and the camera, and is interactive. It can also be customised through a variety of themes.

Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei said the P50 Pro’s True-Form Dual-Matrix Camera system comprises a powerful main camera matrix and a superzoom matrix that provide lifelike imagery with extreme clarity and high dynamic range. 

“The periscope zoom lens on the P50 Pro also has an incredible 100x zoom with a total zoom range of up to 200x when used in conjunction with the wide angle and periscope lens. The smartphone also supports 4K video recording from both the front and rear cameras.” 

The P50 Pro features a 3D curved screen that supports HDR and the full P3 colour gamut, which Huawei said delivers a stunning visual experience. It also has a 120Hz refresh panel with a 300Hz touch sampling rate, providing a smoother display and faster response time. 

Powering the P50 Pro is a massive 4,360mAh battery that supports 66W Huawei SuperCharge and 50W Wireless SuperCharge 

Bothe the P50 Pocket Premium Edition and P50 Pro both run on EMUI 12, which offers a straightforward, smooth, safe and reliable user experience for working, studying, gaming, entertainment and video editing. It also enables the seamless control of multiple devices 

The P50 Pro will be available for pre-order in South Africa on the Huawei Online Store from 22 March 2022 with a starting price of R19,999.

The smartphone will be generally available from participating retailers on 1 April 2022.

Huawei is offering several promotions for pre-orders, including up to R2,999 off when paying a R199 deposit, and free gifts valued at R8,998.

It will be offered in two colours cocoa gold and golden black.

Huawei nova 9 SE 

Huawei also launched the nova 9 SE, a new mid-range addition to the nova product family tailored for the younger generation. 

Huawei said The nova 9 SE is defined by innovative features and fashion-forward design elements that will spark new inspirations, thanks to its powerful camera system and integrated videography features.

“This new member of the nova family, the Huawei nova 9 SE, packs a powerful 108MP High-Res Camera system that delivers exquisite picture quality in the high-pixel mode. Whether you are shooting scenery, portraits, architecture, or more, the nova 9 SE captures what you see in detail.”

It also supports blazing fast charging speeds with 66W Huawei SuperCharge ands the new EMUI 12 optimisations provide smooth performance and synergy between the nova 9 SE and other Huawei products.

The nova 9 SE features the 108MP AI Quad Camera system, which comprises a 108MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2MP Bokeh lens and a 2MP macro lens. 

The main camera has a large 1/1.52-inch sensor to provide excellent resolution and light sensitivity, ensuring utmost clarity on all images, while enabling outstanding low light performance.

Huawei said with the support of 66W SuperCharge, it takes only 15 minutes to charge the phone up by 60 percent, or 36 minutes to fully charge it. 

The nova 9 SE is complemented by an equally powerful cooling system ,a graphene heat dissipation system. This means the device can run at full throttle while remaining cool to the touch even when streaming videos.

The nova 9 SE has a boats a 6.78-inch FullView Display that supports the P3 colour gamut featuring ultra-thin bezels measuring just 1.05mm thin each and an ultra-thin body measuring only 7.94mm thin. 

The new Huawei nova 9 SE is priced at R7,999, will be available on pre-order from 22 March 2022. 

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