Picodi iPhone Index 2021 Reveals How Many Days is needed to Afford Apple’s New iPhone

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A new iPhone Index by Picodi.com has revealed that an average South African would have to work for 22.4 days to afford the new iPhone 13 Pro. 

Apples latest smart phone officially went on sale in South Africa on Friday with long queues at many of the iStore’s which is the authorized Apple reseller in the country. 

The Picodi.com team juxtaposed the iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) prices and average earnings in various countries to count how many days people need to afford Apple’s latest flagship.

Picodi says while In South Africa, the official price of the basic iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) will amount to R 21,499, similar to the previous year, buyers will find neither a charger nor earphones in the box, the only exception is France, where the law requires Apple to include earphones.

“According to the latest Stat SA data, the average monthly earnings in South Africa is R 23,526 (R 20,160 net). This means that an average South African would have to work for 22.4 days to afford the iPhone 13 Pro (assuming they spend all the earned money). Compared to last year’s iPhone Index, South Africa’s result improved by 3.1 day.” 

This is what the iPhone Index looked like in previous years:

2018 – 26.9 days

2019 – 17.6 days

2020 – 25.5 days

2021 – 22.4 days

The iPhone Index is an annual iPhone price to average wages ratio carried out by Picodi.com since 2018.

The full study can be found here:

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