Microsoft Unveils Windows 11

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Microsoft has officially announced Windows 11, its new operating system which will replace the current version over the next few years at its “What’s next for Windows event”. 

Microsoft’s  latest operating system features a complete new look and updated features. 

One of the greatest disadvantages for Microsoft’s app Store is a dearth of compatible apps, which made things like Windows on ARM hard to love. The company announced that Android apps will work on Windows 11.

Among all the new features are two seemingly small but related items drew attention. 

First, Microsoft Teams, the video-calling app which saw a boom during 2020’s pandemic, will be integrated into Windows 11 by default, and second , Skype will not be, for the first time in years with many pundits thinking this is the beginning of the end for what was once the king of calling apps.

During the keynote, Panos Panay said that Microsoft is using “Intel bridge technology” to bring this integration, making it “seamless and smooth.” 

Microsoft also confirmed on a press call that Android apps will work on AMD systems as well. 

With the plethora of Android apps currently available, Windows 11 looks like it’ll be a much more inviting OS for mobile, touch-centric workflows.

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