[INFOGRAPHIC] Inside the Accessibility Features of Samsung’s TVs

22. 09. 20
posted by: Faizel Patel


By Promoted - 22/09/2020


Television is a window of communication capable of connecting us to the world.

As the availability of more diverse content and features continues to grow, users can access all different kinds of entertainment through their TV. Yet despite this constant innovation, for those with vision or hearing impairments, basic TV features like sound controls and screen settings can still be challenging to access.

With its TVs, Samsung provides a range of accessibility features so that every user can enjoy their favourite content without issue.

From the Voice Guide feature, which provides an audio guide for TV settings, to the Audio Multi-Output functionality, which lets multiple users establish personalised volume settings, to a feature that automatically zooms in on the sign language interpreter screen, Samsung TV’s accessibility features have been developed through the consistent incorporation of user feedback into the development process.