Lenovo Unveils New ThinkCentre Nano Desktops

29. 06. 20
posted by: Faizel Patel



Lenovo has announced its latest ThinkCentre ultra-small form factor “Nano” desktops.

The 350ml ThinkCentre M75n is the smallest desktop in the ThinkCentre portfolio and is perfectly suited to respond to the ways and spaces in which people now work.

Powered by AMD Ryzen PRO processors, with solid state storage and Windows 10, the M75n delivers powerful desktop performance and robust security helping users accomplish their daily tasks.

The ThinkCentre M75n IoT is an intelligent edge computing device with powerful AMD Athlon processors that can protect, collect, analyze and interpret real-time data from multiple sources helping businesses optimize production or maximize efficiencies.

A USB Type-C port located on the front panel offers fast charging of compatible devices and quick data sharing.

The M75n can be mounted anywhere with the appropriate accessories — on the wall, behind a monitor, under the tabletop. Weighing just 505 grams, the M75n is a portable workhorse enabling easy transition from office to home for maximum productivity Simply connect ThinkCentre M75n to an external keyboard, mouse and up to two displays for a multi-monitor, ergonomic, full desktop computing experience.

The previously announced ThinkCentre M90n is also now available with 4G/LTE WWAN for enhanced high-speed connectivity in more remote locations. As integral devices within Lenovo’s SmartEdge solutions framework, the Nano IoT desktops can process and interpret data from multiple sources (sensors, inverters, sirens, displays, cameras, and more) efficiently and send only what matters to the cloud or data center with reduced latency.