One Plus Concept One McLaren Phone Features Disappearing Camera

12. 01. 20
posted by: Faizel Patel



When you think of McLaren, you think of Formula 1 cars and stunning road supercars.

Now mobile phone manufacturer One Plus has unveiled a concept smartphone with McLaren that has taken to concealing camera’s on the device to a new level.

The Concept One is clad in the same papaya-hued leather McLaren uses in some of its supercars.

One feature that has everyone talking at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the way the cameras on the phone is concealed.

There is an incredibly thin slice of a material called electrochromic glass over the phone's rear cameras that turns opaque and transparent when voltage is applied to it.

Engadget reports the solitary glass panel is actually made of five ultra-fine layers, the middle being that crucial electrochromic material.

OnePlus says they've been working with the thinnest electrochromic glass panels "in the industry."

The shift from opaque to transparent happens quickly -- about 0.7 seconds, another industry speed record.

The feature on the Concept One is found on McLaren sunroofs.

According to Engadget, the chameleonic glass does seem to have some practical benefits.

These include like the ability to act like a neutral-density filter for the camera where it can reduce the amount of light entering the cameras so you can shoot wide aperture shots with plenty of bokeh in Pro mode without worrying about overexposure while they are also helpful for shooting video in bright situations.