TV's, Personal Health, AI, Robots Smart Homes & 5G Feature at CES 2020

07. 01. 20
posted by: Faizel Patel


 Photo: Washington Post


The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has kicked off in Las Vegas in the US with dizzying new and innovative technology on display at the annual event.

CES gives companies a chance to showcase their newest gadgets.

While CES will have a number of themes, there will be a lot of focus on TV’s, personal health, artificial intelligence, smart homes and 5G technology.

Some of the innovation and tech that have inspired this year include Loreal who have created a smart system personalizing skincare. There is also a cute little comfort robot called Qooboo which has been a hit and Hachi Infinite which projects touch screens onto any surface.

Other innovative tech includes a TV that rotates to play vertical videos, food shopping based on your DNA and a trash can that ties up its own garbage among others.

Transportation is also being featured at CES with the Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike which is part bike and part plane. The e-bike is designed to mimic cycling, but on water — and it has a fully waterproof battery and motor while Segway S-Pod is designed for enclosed spaces like airports and malls. It can go up to 24 miles per hour, and passengers are able to control the speed with a knob.

While oral health at CES includes the Oral-B iO electric toothbrush features a sensor to let users know they are brushing too hard or just right, Impossible Foods also showcased some of their salivating dishes including a vegan line.

The battle for televisions also has raised a lot of attention with Samsung unveiling an extra-large 8K TV for 2020, which includes picture-in-picture and 14 different layouts.

After a 28-year hiatus, Apple is also making an official appearance at CES with Jane Horvath, senior director of global privacy speaking on a panel Tuesday.