How to Add a Person Back to a WhatsApp Group After they Left

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26. 06. 18
posted by: Faizel Patel



While WhatsApp groups are great for interactive discussions or mindless chitter chatter, it can become heated at times, frustrating and data consuming leaving you no choice but to leave the group.

But what do you if you want to be added back into the group?

You could ask one of the administrators of the group to add you back, but many times they will encounter this message: “You couldn’t add xxxx because they left the group recently. Try again later.”

WhatsApp is aware that people are irritated by being forced into groups when they want to take no part in the group.

The reason for this is, when a person left the group, an admin could add you back into the group and you had no say in the matter. With the new feature, the admin can add you once and if you leave again, you can’t be re-added by any admin.

So, how do you get back into a WhatsApp group after you've left?

The person who left the group has to join by himself.

Most of the social networking apps has the feature to invite by a link. So anyone from the group can send an invitation link to the person who wants to join and by clicking the link the person will be added to the group immediately.