Crosscall Launches Rugged CORE Tablet & Smartphone Range in SA

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20. 07. 20
posted by: Faizel Patel



French brand Crosscall specialising in outdoor mobile technology has announced 3 smartphones and a tablet that will be available in South Africa. 

With an industry-first a 3-year warranty, Crosscall are renowned from their ultra-resistant, waterproof, long-lasting batteries saying durability has always been part of company’s DNA! 


CORE-T4 Tablet 

First up is CORE-T4 tablet. While the new CORE range was designed primarily for professionals and thought out according to the specific uses of the various vertical business lines, it was essential that it could also satisfy the most demanding everyday users. 

With its 8-inch screen, Qualcomm 450 processor, 3/32 GB memory, it can be used with one hand, in portrait or landscape mode. It has 2 SIM slots to connect anywhere in 4G+ and access different applications even while roaming. 

The CORE-T4 comes with a 7000 mAh battery, packs a 13MP camera and is waterproof, which means you can even take pictures underwater. 

The CORE-T4 retails for R10,999. 



Also announced by Crosscall was the CORE-X4 smartphone, boasting the Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM 450 processor. 

Its 18:9 format has been designed to make it as ergonomic as possible, allowing the user to access the entire screen with his thumb. Having undergone no less than 100 resistance tests, the CORE-X4 withstands all types of shocks and immersions, whether it is falling in mud or a container that spills into a kitchen. 

The CORE-X4 is a dual sim smartphone including a slot for a SD card. It is equipped with a 48MP photo / video sensor, using Fusion 4 technology which allows the pixels to be coupled 4 by 4 (12 MP resolution), absorbing 4 times more light, for sharp and intense photos even in low light.

It also has 2 programmable buttons that can assign a push-to-talk application to the smartphone as a walkie-talkie. 

The CORE-X4 retails for R 9,499. 



Another smartphone announced by Crosscall is the CORE-M4 featuring a 5-inch 18 :9 which is smaller and lighter in size than the other smartphones in the range. 

The CORE-M4 packs is powered by a Qualcomm 215 processor and 2/16GB of memory. It runs on Android 9 and has dual SIM functionality. It can endure a day of intensive use and runs on Android 9.

Available from August, the CORE-M4 retails for R 6,699. 



The final smartphone in the CORE range is the CORE-M4 GO. 

Equipped with a lightweight Android version (Android GO). It features the same camera (12MP) and a 3000 mAh battery, enough to easily withstand a full day's operation.

The CORE-M4 GO will be available from September and retail for R5,399.