HUAWEI AppGallery serves up an App for Every Type of Woman

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Mobile giant HUAWEI has recognised the complex role that women perform on a daily basis, and has structured its official app hosting and distribution platform, HUAWEI AppGallery, to serve the requirements of South Africa’s modern women.

HUAWEI’s campaign, called “An App for Every Type of Woman”, showcases handpicked apps matched with different characteristics, interests and lifestyles of the broad range of South African women.

Whether they are homebodies, career-focused, fashionistas, sports fanatics, travellers, shoppers, readers, business powerhouses, financially savvy, or any combination of these, they will find a lifestyle app aligned to them on HUAWEI AppGallery.

Here are a few of the specially curated apps which are showcased:

For the financially-savvy woman…

For the financially-savvy woman, who may also oversee the finances of the household, three apps are recommended.


SnapScan is a mobile payments app, which allows users to pay for things with their phone, including in-store and online transactions, bills, donations, electricity, airtime, and money sending. There is also a wallet function, which can be used for budgeting, and the app is secure, making use of a four-digit pin or a fingerprint.


22seven helps users manage their money easily and invest in their life goals. A user can link all their bank accounts and transactions to the app, set and manage budgets, find relevant insights and tips on handling their money, and invest in their life goals.

Absa banking app

The Absa Banking app consolidates all of Absa’s financial services into one platform, allowing users who have an Absa account to bank on the go. From managing accounts and transactions to obtaining statements and blocking lost or stolen cards, this app is a handy companion.

For the safety-conscious woman…

For the safety-conscious woman, there is Namola, South Africa’s top downloaded and used personal safety app. Users can request assistance from a range of emergency personnel, including private security companies, police, public emergency services, metro law enforcement, fire & rescue, traffic officers, and medical, through a panic button. Location sharing is also available for both the user and loved ones, allowing for tracking of movements, as well as a safety newsfeed, which contains important safety information.    

For the woman who has to remember everything…

For the woman who has to remember everything, there is the Out of Milk app. Containing shopping, pantry, and to-do list functions, users can check what they need off their lists. No longer forgetting what you need at the shops, or your important daily tasks, the Out of Milk app has you covered.

For the series and movies binger…

For the series and movies binger, there is the Showmax app – South Africa’s subscription video on demand giant. Featuring a massive array of local content, the platform hosts TV shows, movies, kids’ shows, and documentaries, all in an ads-free environment. A powerful recommendation engine helps users find the most perfect content and a bandwidth capping feature helps users save their data while still enjoying the entertainment.

For the shopper…

For the woman who loves to shop, there is the Loot app – giving users access to millions of products in the palm of their hand. This app takes the stress out of shopping, allowing users to browse and purchase from the comfort of their own home. With over 17 million products across 17 categories, there is something to be found for everyone.

For the sports fanatic…

For the sports fanatic, there is the SuperSport app, home to the World of Champions. No matter what sport you love, from soccer, cricket or rugby, to golf, tennis, netball, or any other, this app will keep you up to date with the latest news, fixtures, scores, results, and highlights. The only limitation with this app, is that you must be a DStv subscriber to have access to it.

For the news junkie…

For the news junkie, who wants to stay up to date with local, regional and international affairs, there is the News24 app. The official app of South Africa’s most popular news website, brings breaking news and the latest updates, including written, audio and video pieces. Stay in the know with the News24 app.

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