Crocs Launches Exclusive Capsule Collection For ‘Share The Joy’

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Crocs are convenient when going to mosque. You can easily slip off the shoes without having the tedious task of tying laces with sneakers.

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Ramadan is about making sacrifices from food and drink among other tenets, but it’s also about gifting and being comfortable. 

Crocs are convenient especially when going to mosque. You can easily slip off the shoes without having the tedious task of tying laces with sneakers.

They are also very comfortable which is what any person needs during Ramadan when fasting and working sets fatigue in. 

New collection 

To celebrate this holy month, Crocs is launching a bespoke pre-jibbitzed capsule collection of its recognisable clogs, slides, and Jibbitz charms, alongside an empowering multi-channel campaign ‘Share the Joy’. 

The integrated campaign reflects Crocs’ mantra of Come As You Are by bringing to life the themes of reflection, diversity, and celebration with loved ones.

The limited-edition capsule is a festive, glamorous, and sparkling take on some of the brand’s bestselling styles, offering something for the whole family to wear in a comfortable, stylish, and authentically Crocs way. 

Share the joy 

The 2024 ‘Share the Joy’ collection is an iteration of the brand’s most iconic shapes for the whole family.

Meanwhile Crocs has continued its partnership with London-based creative agency Stereo, and artistic collective Muslim Sisterhood to launch their bespoke ‘Share the Joy’ collection for 2024. 

The campaign is the third iteration of the campaign platform ‘Share The Joy’ created in 2022, launching with a hero film that celebrates the diversity of the Muslim community and reflects Crocs’ Come As You Are mantra.

Captured by photographer Melanie Lehmann and director Fa Watkins, with an all-female supporting crew, the creative team employed an opulent but intimate art direction, focusing on candid interactions within a festive home environment. 

Shot on film for richness and texture, the AV combines sparkly styling and glistening hues with playful moments between the protagonists as they showcase the Crocs capsule collection.

Product will be available to buy from , and the campaign will run until 12 April 2024.

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