Eid and The Zoo Lake Parade

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As the beautiful rays of the auspicious month of Ramadaan glides over the horizon, a certain sadness envelopes Muslims. Burdened with heavy hearts we make dua that Allah (SWT) bestow us once again with this beautiful month of Ramadaan.

However, with Ramadaan in the midst of ending, furious preparation is taking place for the day of Eid ul-Fitr.

Months in the planning, exotic fabrics specially imported from far away Middle Eastern lands, Swarovski crystals of every shape and colour that razzle and dazzle, ready to line a designer abaya to leave you smoking!

The exotic cars are another story. From the latest BM’s, Aston Martins, Merc. AMG’s and even Ferrari and Lamborghin’s sparkle in the beautiful sunshine reeking of car polish. The show of wealth openly displayed with utmost immodesty.

There is no mistaking; this is the day of EID at the notorious Zoo Lake, the magnetic force that attracts hundreds of shiny pearls that have just emerged from a month of spiritual ecstasy.

Women having been “starving” from sunrise to sunset, alas but not in vain, because during Ramadaan the diva would have lost a few kilos and the red strapless open back number with the killer slit would fit like a glove, giving new meaning to the “lady in red.”

Ramadaan sees egotistical pseudo intellectuals emerge from the woodworks. Dust is wiped off the Quraan that has been lying in the closet for 11 months. The kurtas and abayas are washed and ironed, ready to be dorned to create a facade and observe the life of a good Muslim for Ramadaan.

The masjids are full and the stranger that has been absent from salaah for the past 11 months occupies the first saaf of the masjid for 30 days, Subhanallah. In their wake and in the many homes, Quraan is being recited mimicking renowned Qari’s or Imam’s and the respect and benefit of the holy month is reverberated like a mercy showered upon all Muslims.

As the month of Ramadaan draws to a close and the night of Eid arrives, Muslims are glowing with piety. The night of Eid is the culmination of the hard work during the month and now Allah (SWT) wants to reward you. A prize giving ceremony if you want to call it that. Lailatul Jaaziya…

But no…They display blatant disobedience to Allah (SWT), the masjids are empty. The Quraan has been wrapped and packed away for another year, if we are fortunate we will see another year. The guys are getting the cabs washed and polished and the gals are instructing the designers (not dressmakers, that’s old fashioned) to put the finishing touches on their designer garments. The devil has been emancipated and released…

On the morning of Eid, the beard that was beautifully shaped and cultivated during Ramadaan gets mercilessly and viciously slaughtered with the sharpest razor or by the barber down the street plays executioner. The toppy can’t be found anywhere conveniently of course, because it will flatten the spiky hair the wet look gel is holding in place. The designer kurta is slipped on and they are ready to go!

At the Eid salaah or Eidgah, they stand in the last saaf with one shoe on and one shoe off, so they can make a dash for it and not get stuck in traffic. Time is of the essence you see. Thereafter a trip to the graveyard to pay respects to the loved ones.

Then its breakfast time. People have a huge family gathering for this. They all rock up at Uncle Chota’s house for a breakfast of note. The cornflakes, eggs, orange juice, toast and fruit are substituted for roast chicken, lamb roast, puree (glorified roti), coke and fruit punches. The tea is also served with catalogue-designer biscuits.

Then the rest of the morning is engaged in Panchaat (gossip) and minor Ghibat (backbiting) with the family. How ironical, you abstain for 30 days to blow it in a day. That’s the price of ignorance these days. Then comes lunch…Eish!

Normally at nani’s or dadi’s house. The richest saffron chicken biryani known to man is served. Bear in mind you ate like a glutton 3 hours before, now each, you have to chow this.

After lunch, the devil has got back in his routine of misleading and he’s ready to unleash a master plan he was devising while confined.

Firstly it is not custom or religious tradition to be in or around water on this day. Yet it’s a make believe tradition that has been ingrained in superficial values of the Muslims by the conniving West.

Girls wearing outfits Lady Gaga will be shy to walk outdoors with, plastered with make-up that can pass for a Plascon advert and guys all shining in their Armani jeans and brand new Nike tekkies from Rashid Cassim.

The cars are another story. Daddy’s cars take on new ownership, all shining and reminiscent of some the exotics featured on Top Gear. Engines revving, music blaring and the vivid mingling of males and females. All this approxImately 15 hours after the blessed month of Ramadaan.

Indeed it is sad that some Muslims can revert to a life of immoral behavior flogging the etiquettes of Shariah after such an auspicious month. Furthermore their indoctrination by western ideological habits & ideas is clearly evident when they utter words like this:

Fazlin said going to Zoo Lake was about “relaxing” and “meeting people after spending a whole month indoors”.

But for Shafiek the Zoo Lake trip is about more than flashy clothes. “We are here to meet our future wives,” he joked, adding that he and his friends used the opportunity to check out the girls.

Every year the same message goes out with the fervent hope that someone, be it even one person, can be saved from emulating the Kuffaar in their ways and celebrating Eid in a way far befitting how our beloved Rasulullah (SAW) and the Sahaabah (RA) spent their days.

Every Muslim has to regard themselves as personally responsible for all the happenings around them and to strive for the establishment of right from wrong.

Can we really say we have love for the beloved Prophet of Allah when we do not even feel a little at the way he lived his life, the way he ate, the way he fasted, the way he dressed?

You need to ask yourself one question. Will Rasulullah (SAW) recognise us on the plains of Mahshar? The time has come for us to seek guidance, for the era of going at it alone has passed. Seek advice from those who know before it’s too late.

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