How to Take Better Care of Your Smartphones Battery on National Battery Day 

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One of the issues many smartphone users grapple with is battery life on their devices. 

Many people can related to the phobia of a depleting battery and the horror of looking at your screen and seeing just 1% remaining. 

A fully charged smartphone coupled with a healthy battery life is essential in our connected world. 

In celebration of National Battery Day on 18 February, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, shares tips that are helpful for a long-lasting battery life.

Nokia devices are renowned for having long-lasting battery life, from the classic Nokia 3310 to the modern Nokia smart and features phones. 

HMD said each of Nokia’s devices are perfect for the South African consumer navigating unforeseen challenges such as load shedding, unplanned power outages and limited access to a reliable power source.

These are some top tips put together by HMD Global on how to improve and prolong your phones battery life, ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about:

Control your phone temperature

Extreme cold or hot temperatures can drain your phone’s battery faster. Keeping your phone at room temperature where possible, will ensure the battery lasts a lot longer.

Charge your phone during the day

Charging your phone during the day and not overnight can also go a long way towards your battery health. When a phone is left plugged in, the battery will start to drain again. If you do charge your phone at night, make sure it is not covered up e.g. under a pillow, as this can overheat the battery which will also worsen its performance over time.

Lower the screen brightness

Your smartphone will use less battery power with the screen brightness at minimum as compared with maximum brightness.

Adaptive Battery Mode

Adaptive Battery is a feature on Nokia smartphones which learns to predict your apps usage. This helps your phone to prioritize battery power on your more important apps, keeping your battery running for longer.

No one wants to be chained to the plug point and charging cable, so get ready to unleash the shackles courtesy of long-lasting battery performance. 

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