Cricket 22 – A New Generation Of Cricket Has Arrived!

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Big Ant Studios and Nacon, in collaboration with the England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia have announced that the long-awaited Cricket 22: The Official Game of The Ashes is available now, on PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.  

Cricket 22 builds on Big Ant Studios’ celebrated cricket simulations over the past decade, while adding a next generation level of polish to the experience. 

With 4K resolution graphics for the first time, an advanced new visual engine, a narrative-driven career mode, and the broadest suite of licenses and gameplay modes in a cricket game to date, Cricket 22 gives all fans of cricket the ability to experience their sport in their way.  

Big Ant Studios Ross Symons says they loved building a cricket game for the new generation. 

“The creative opportunities that it has afforded us has really helped elevate Cricket 22 to the next level. From the licenses through to the all-new career mode and commentary team, we’ve worked hard to ensure that this game will surprise and delight veterans and new players alike.”  

In addition to playing along with the excitement of this year’s Ashes contest, cricket fans will be able to enjoy the hugely innovative new competition in England and Wales, The Hundred, Australia’s Big Bash T20 competition, the tropical party of the CPL in the Caribbean, and take to the international field of battle with fully-licensed teams from England, Australia, The West Indies, New Zealand and Ireland.  

In keeping with Big Ant’s commitment to equality and equal representation, both the Men’s and Women’s games have been fully featured across all of Cricket 22. 

Cricket 22 for Nintendo Switch will be available in January 2022. 

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