WhatsApp to End Support for Older Android Phones Including Apple iPhone 6 & Others

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WhatsApp says it will discontinue support for Android phones with OS 4.0.4 or older. 

Lifewire reports that the social media platform owned by Facebook which rebranded itself of Meta last week updated a support page over the weekend to detail WhatsApp’s compatibility with Android devices. 

While the users will be concerned about the move which comes into effect on Monday, the change may not affect most users as the latest version of Android’s operating system is Android 12. 

However, those who might have older phones that do not support more current versions of Android OS might be affected by WhatsApp’s change. 

Lifewire reports that Phone Arena detailed some of the older phones that will no longer have WhatsApp support include the Galaxy Trend Lite, the Galaxy S3 mini, the Galaxy Core, the Optimus F3, the Lucid 2, Ascend Mate, Lenovo A820, and more. 

Apples iPhone have also been affected with the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus as those devices require iOS 10 or newer which are not supported.

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