Apple Charges Forward to 2030 Carbon Neutral Goal, Adding 9 Gigawatts of Clean Power

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Tech giant Apple has announced that it has more than doubled the number of suppliers committed to using 100 percent clean energy over the last year, accelerating progress toward its ambitious 2030 goal to be carbon neutral across its supply chain and products. 

Apple says in total, 175 Apple suppliers will transition to using renewable energy, and the company and its suppliers will bring online more than 9 gigawatts of clean power around the world. 

It says these actions will avoid over 18 million metric tons of CO2e annually — the equivalent of taking over 4 million cars off the road each year.

Apple added 10 new projects for its first-of-a-kind Power for Impact initiative to bring clean energy solutions to communities around the world. 

CEO Tim Cook says the projects are designed to provide renewable power to under-resourced communities while supporting economic growth and social impact.

“Every company should be a part of the fight against climate change, and together with our suppliers and local communities, we’re demonstrating all of the opportunity and equity green innovation can bring. We’re acting with urgency, and we’re acting together. But time is not a renewable resource, and we must act quickly to invest in a greener and more equitable future.”

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives says for too long, the communities most impacted by climate change haven’t had a seat at the table. 

“That has to change, and we’re committed to being part of that change. The new projects we’re sharing will help communities by developing new local renewable projects, creating a healthier and more equitable world while advancing the fight against climate change.”

Apple is also announcing support for 10 new renewable projects around the world through its Power for Impact program in many countries including South Africa. 

In South Africa, Apple is bringing renewable energy to over 3,500 households that previously lacked access. The company will also help reduce electricity costs for the Pioneer School for the Visually Impaired by funding rooftop solar installations. 

In Nigeria, Apple will support the development of a solar power system to serve a primary healthcare centre in the state of Ondo, as well as 200 households in the surrounding region.

While Apple is already carbon neutral across its global operations, the company says that by 2030, every Apple device sold will have a net-zero climate impact. 

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