Showmax Original True-Crime Docu-Series Devilsdorp Garners Rave Reviews

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South Africa’s first Showmax original true-crime docu-series is now available on the entertainment platform and has received rave reviews. 

The four-part series investigates the 11 Krugersdorp Killings between 2012 and 2016, separately known as The Appointment Murders and the Satanic Murders, and how they were all traced back to Cecilia Steyn and the Electus per Deus (Chosen by God) cult. 

Devilsdorp has already received five-star reviews from News24 and Rapport, including four-star reviews in Beeld, Die Burger and Volksblad. 

Directed by David Enright and produced by IdeaCandy, Devilsdorp is the result of an 18-month research. 

It focuses on how a small group of devout Christians trying to help a former satanist escape the satanic church ended in a murderous spree involving a killer mom, her two children, and a cult with more victims than members.

Showmax says the docu-series features extraordinary footage of exorcisms, church meetings, and trial testimonies and judgments. 

“Devilsdorp features first-hand accounts from the likes of the deputy director of Public Prosecutions Gerrit Roberts; Discovery claims specialist Shane Chatzkelowitz; journalist Marizka Coetzer; and Captain Ben Booysen, the senior investigating officer, who aptly compares himself to Chuck Norris in the documentary. The family of the victims also share their stories, as do church members who knew the perpetrators.”

Trailer can be viewed here:

 Viewers can binge on all four episodes of Devilsdorp, which is rated 16VL, first and only on Showmax at

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